2020 Resolutions

As we inch closer to the start of 2020, it’s hard not to be reflective on the last 10 years.

10 years ago I was halfway through college working toward my meteorology degree, only to continue past graduation to get my FAA dispatch certification. That lead me to Chicago, where I worked for a variety of airline cargo operations and later, United Airlines. United presented me with the opportunity to travel the world, which is how I came to fall in love with Hawaii. I traded city life for the beach life and made unforgettable memories working at Island Air. I embarked on a whirlwind romance and 9 months later, married my husband Chris. I became a MOM (!!) and traded airline duty days for diapers, baby snuggles, and sleepless nights. Our family of 3 relocated to southern Illinois where we later became a tribe of 4. We’ve started renovating our dream home and I’ve re-entered the working world.

In those 10 years I experienced joy, success, loss and heartache. New friendships have blossomed where others have sizzled out. My heart was re-opened to the word of God and I became friends with Jesus. I try to walk this life through His word and share the highs and lows of this past decade, and the one ahead, with Him.

When I look at the upcoming year, I try to make resolutions that will help me continue to grow in a variety of aspects of my life.

Read 50 books.

Travel to 2 new cities. Will it be Branson, Missouri? Destin, Florida? Italy? Who knows, but I am excited to see where this one takes us.

Try something new. In 2019, I took an online quilting class that taught me the basic techniques of quilting. Along with that class came learning how to use my sewing machine so I like to consider that a 2-for-1 learned skill. This past December, I began teaching myself how to decorate cookies so I’d like to continue improving on that skill. I’d also like to learn how to weave and create a piece I proudly hang in my house. I love to create with my hands and think there are so many techniques to be learned. That has intimidated me in the past, but I’m determined to pick apart the basics in 2020.

Develop healthy habits that stick. This is something I debated on including because it seems a little cliché. I’m not looking to lose a certain amount of weight or inches (although it would be nice), but more along the lines of a change of lifestyle. In a nutshell, I’d like to eat more clean food and basically not dread physical activity (ha!).

Give more grace.

I don’t know what the next year – or decade – has in store, but whatever it may be I will be welcoming it with open arms.

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