Laundry Room Renovation

If you’re new to following our story, here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to since March. Chris & I purchased a fixer upper and it was THE home; you know the one talked about late at night when dreaming of the future? It was that one. We knew it was meant for us the first time we stepped on the property. Since then we have spent countless hours painting, building, and tearing things up (although, not in that order). We’ve spent nights laughing until we cry (delirium, maybe?) and nights frustrated with each other. But this is OUR home, renovated with our two hands. And hands from several others. I couldn’t imagine raising these two kiddos anywhere else.

The first completed (95%-ish) room is the laundry room. This laundry room didn’t even exist when we moved in. The layout of our home is a ranch with a basement, and the laundry room originally resided downstairs in a dungeon-esque environment . It only made sense to move it upstairs, but the million dollar questions was: where would it go? The garage is attached to the home, and had a work area connected to part of the house. Bingo. Our laundry room to-be had a home.

It started with a vision and then details were filled in based on where the hook-up for the washer & dryer could be installed. Walls were built, drywall was installed, and paint was applied. Tile was laid and the washer/dryer were installed. Our cabinets were bought unfinished, painted, and assembled to our liking. A bar was installed to hang clothes while folding and to give them a home to hang dry. We searched and searched for a good top to the folding table and found the perfect piece in St. Louis. Our sliding door matches our pantry door; both were built by a friend out of an old cedar wood fence. The same cedar wood was painted white and installed on the back wall above our shelf. The perfect, final touch is the clock hanging against the cedar boards. It’s crazy how months of hard work fit in single paragraph.

The 5% of things still left to do include: attaching the outlet covers, touching up nail holes with calk, building a small cover box to hide the dryer vent, and replace the lighting. The finish line is in sight!

Where the laundry room originally was located in the house.

Section of the garage we found to house our laundry room.

Front of the sliding barn door before stain was applied.

The links below may be affiliate links. I may receive a small profit from your purchase and it is at no extra cost to you.
Wall color: BEHR Antique Tin
Cabinet color: BEHR Whispering White
Cabinet Handles
Cabinet Drawer Pulls
Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

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