DIY Gnomes

I don’t know what it is about these gnomes but I find them so stinkin’ adorable. I first saw them appear around Christmas time wearing holiday themed hats. Now they’re popping up wearing Valentine-related hats. I like how interchangeable they can be but most of all, I L O V E how easy they are to make.

What You’ll Need:
Fabric of your choice for the hat (at least 1/4 yard)
Wooden beads (for the nose; I found mine at Joann’s)
Socks (I grabbed a pair from the Target $1 spot)
Rubber Band (or something similar; I used a clear, small hair tie)
Mongolian Fur (I found mine at Joann’s)
Glue Gun
Sharp Blade

Sewing Machine

Not pictured: the stuffing, sharp blade, and sewing machine

You’ll first start by filling the bottom of a sock with 1/2 cup of beans. Then, use the stuffing to fill the sock until you’re satisfied with how it looks. This will be the body of your gnome. Tie it off with your rubber band and trim off the remainder of the sock.

Lay your Mongolian fur face down on a surface. I apologize in advance but this stuff will get everywhere. Wrap your gnome body in the fur until it’s completely covered. Use a marker to indicate where the end of the fabric meets once wrapped around the body. As you unwrap your body, make another mark to indicate approximately 1/4″ up from the bottom of your gnome. It doesn’t need to be all the way at the bottom of your gnome because the hair hangs significantly longer than where you’ll cut. I use a ruler to find the center and draw a wide V between my points.

This next part is important. Use a sharp blade to cut the back of the fabric – only the back. You don’t want to cut the hair on the other side because it will look like you gave your gnome a wacky haircut. The fabric isn’t thick and cuts apart pretty easily. You’ll use the blade to just gently guide it apart. Once you’ve cut along your line, flip the fur over to see your gnome beard!

Attach the beard by wrapping it around your body with the hot glue gun. At this point, I also take a wooden bead and attach it approximately 1-inch down from the top of the fur line.

Lay your hat fabric face down, measure out a triangle that is 7 inches across the bottom and 19 inches on the sides. You will need two pieces of identical fabric.

Lay the pieces with the right sides facing each other (the good pieces of fabric should be pressed together with the back facing upright). You can take your glue gun and apply a thin layer along the sides to close it. Do NOT glue the bottom shut. If you chose to include your sewing machine, you can lay a quick 1/4-inch stitch along the sides and trim up the edges once complete.

Once complete, turn your hats right side out and pop them on your gnome! The brim of the hat should rest on the nose. It does not need to be attached with glue and can easily be changed for the different holidays and seasons throughout the year. Different fabrics will hot your hat up differently. The stripped fabric, shown on the right below, is a lot thinner than the fabric on the left, which is thicker so it stands up easier.

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