American Royals by Katharine McGee

What if America had a royal family?

When America won the Revolutionary War, its people offered General George Washington a crown. Two and a half centuries later, the House of Washington still sits on the throne.

As Princess Beatrice gets closer to becoming America’s first queen regnant, the duty she has embraced her entire life suddenly feels stifling.

Nobody cares about the spare except when she’s breaking the rules, so Princess Samantha doesn’t care much about anything, either . . . except the one boy who is distinctly off-limits to her.

And then there’s Samantha’s twin, Prince Jefferson. If he’d been born a generation earlier, he would have stood first in line for the throne, but the new laws of succession make him third. Most of America adores their devastatingly handsome prince . . . but two very different girls are vying to capture his heart. 

I picked up American Royals after finishing The Royal We. My expectations were low having loved The Royal We (could I really love two different royalty-themed books back to back?), but I actually ended up enjoying American Royals more. The reviews on Goodreads are surprisingly low and I haven’t been able to figure out why. 

The story is told from 4 female point of views, all with interesting stories. Each hold a different place in the monarch and have a unique perspective on the current events. The only flaw of this book (which isn’t really a flaw, TBH) is that McGee brings the reader to such a climax and then E N D S the book. I was left with my jaw on the floor, in disbelief that there wasn’t more to be read. Like any avid reader, I quickly took to the internet to find out when the sequel would be. Unfortunately I have some time to wait, but it’s definitely on my watch list. American Royals has guilty-pleasure written all over it. It delivered all of that plus a side of drama. 


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The provided summary of American Royals can be found here. 

★★★★★: Unforgettable, one of a kind. A book that will be hard to forget.
★★★★☆: A good read with little to no flaws.
★★★☆☆: A decent read, but not one I would put on the top of your “To Be Read” pile.
★★☆☆☆: Needs major work, did not enjoy but was able to finish.
★☆☆☆☆: Did not finish.

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