Why potato bread? Here’s how to make it and more

The Potato is the most common bread and the most popular type of bread in the world.Its name comes from its long, narrow, thick-fleshed and tender stems.Potato breads are made from flour, water and salt and are often sweet.Potato is a grain and can be hard to digest, but it’s also a rich source of vitamins and minerals.Potato flour is […]

How to fry a burger with the microwave

The microwave is a good place to fry some burgers, but if you’re like me, you’ll need to get creative.Here are some of the best options for fried foods that you might want to try.1.Fried chicken with mayonnaise.You’ll want to use a low-sodium mayonnaize that’s low in salt, such as Miracle Whip, a popular sauce used to make chicken and […]

4 ways to make a great baked good

4 reasons to make the perfect baked good, said one of my favorite people in the industry, Drew Brees.He’s the founder of Fresh Market Bakery, the home of Baked Goods of the Year, which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.“There are a lot of things that you can do to increase the yield and quality of a baked good,” Brees […]

How to choose the perfect dog for your house

How to decide if your pet is the right fit for your family?It’s a question that goes far beyond the breed itself, and also requires a little bit of research.With a breed like the Labrador Retriever or American Bulldog, you’re likely to have to go back to your backyard to get a good idea of what you need.If you’re looking […]

Best homemade bread recipes from the internet

Best homemade bakeries in the country?That’s the question that came up during the 2017 Taste of Maine Festival, the annual celebration of Maine’s best breads.We asked our friends at the Maine Food Blog to pick out their top homemade bakerie for 2017, and here are the results.(We’ve added the links below to make it easier for you to find them.)We […]

Why it’s worth your time to visit the mall in 2018

In the fall of 2018, the mall was hit by a snowstorm, which was supposed to ease traffic, but instead led to more traffic, according to The Hill.The mall reopened on Dec. 16, and shoppers have reported finding more goods and merchandise than they were expecting.But a new report from the non-profit group Center for American Progress (CAP) suggests that […]

Why you might not need to worry about a fast-food burger being too much for you

Burger King says it’s not all bad news for the UK burger-eating public, with the chain now offering burgers that are no longer loaded with fat and sugar.The burgers are not loaded with beef fat, or processed animal products like chicken or pork.Instead, the company is replacing those ingredients with ingredients that are less harmful to the environment.The new burgers […]

How to make the best brown bread at home

Lorna Breen, a retired business owner from Queensland, has created a new brand called Best Bread Maker that sells a variety of brown breads.Lornas brand of brown, oat and rye breads are a staple of her family’s baking.“I love baking and baking with my family,” Ms Breen said.“It’s something I do every day and we love having this opportunity to […]

When bread is good for you, it’s good for the environment

Posted April 09, 2018 07:29:49A new study finds that whole grain foods can be a great source of energy, and they’re good for our planet.The study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, looked at the nutritional effects of whole grain products and found that they contain significantly more vitamins and minerals than wheat products.The authors note that the […]

Which are the best recipes to make zucchini and white bread?

zucchinis are a common side dish for a quick, tasty breakfast, and they can also be served alongside white bread, making them a versatile side dish, too.They’re often cooked with chicken, and have a creamy texture that lends themselves to dipping.They are also very versatile: you can make a savory or sweet version, a crunchy version, and even a fluffy, […]