When it comes to dogs, you’re not the only one with a mixed breed

The American Humane Association says it has “received numerous reports of dogs that have been adopted out to other dogs” because of their mix.The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) also says mixed breeders are “reluctant to admit that their dogs are mixed.”A spokesperson for the AAVMA said, “The public’s right to know about the health and temperament of all animals […]

The best burgers from this year’s best burger shops

Matt Breida, co-owner of Matt Breidas and Co., recently posted a post on Instagram that featured a picture of a burger from the restaurant he and his brother, Matt Breeda, opened in 2014.In the post, Matt wrote that the burger was “from the Matt Breidas and Co. burgers.The burger came from the Matt’s Burgers and Buns.”While Matt Breisa, Matt’s brother, […]

Home Made Bread with Home Baking Instructions

Home made bread is one of my favorite dishes.This recipe calls for a whole grain flour (which I love) and homemade yeast, as well as a little extra baking powder.This bread is so light, you can take it anywhere, and it’s super easy to prepare!Plus, it’s gluten free! I made this recipe for a special occasion, and I’m really looking forward […]