Amish friends bread and bread baking

Two weeks ago, a woman called the number on my mobile phone and told me that she’d been eating bread for breakfast for the past two weeks.It had been a long, long time since I’d eaten bread and I had no idea how to make it.It’s been a good few weeks.After eating breakfast, I started to make bread.A woman who […]

When do you need to get up?

I’m tired.I can’t think.My brain is screaming.I have a headache, and my breath is ragged.My eyes are rolling back and forth and I’m having a hard time focusing.I’m not sure if this is a migraine or something else, and I know it is bad enough to need medication.I don’t know if I’m really going to make it to bed tonight.It […]

The best boxer breeds

A new breed of dog has been created to help breeders make better boxer breeds.The ‘Golden Bulldog’ has been designed to have the physical and emotional traits of a boxer but with a more gentle temperament.It has been named Golden Bulldog and was named after the breed’s owner, former boxer and current BBC presenter Jack White.The breed was created by […]