A monkey-bread recipe inspired by ‘Bree’ (and the ‘Bachelor’)

A monkey-bread recipe inspired by ‘Bree’ (and the ‘Bachelor’)

A monkey bread recipe inspired the Emmy Award-winning “Bree” star for her role as Bree Olson, the loveable dog.

“Bri was one of my favorite dogs on the show and I always loved to take her out to the park and I wanted to make her a delicious monkey bread,” Olson said in a statement.

“I was also inspired by a great recipe from ‘Brees’ co-creator and writer David Brenner.”

Olson created the bread after watching the episode of “Bachelor” starring Ryan Seacrest where a monkey named Bree came to the rescue of a dog that was having problems with a house.

The monkey was then introduced to the other dog, and it took off in search of food.

“It was a great moment because Bree was my dog and I was inspired by her and my love for animals,” Olson continued.

“She’s a wonderful little dog.

She’s a very playful dog.

So I wanted her to be able to make a tasty, delicious monkey cake and then bring it home and give it to her husband.

So that’s how the recipe came to life.”

The cake, which features “Barefoot Busters,” “Buckwheat” and “A Tale of Two Sisters” and a variety of other flavors, was inspired after Olson found out that her sister, a cat named Brie, was in trouble at the shelter.

Brie was also in the process of being adopted and had to go to the shelter to find a new home.

“So I took that and made a little cake with some other cat-food recipes and it just really got me excited and excited and that’s when I was like, ‘OK, let’s go,'” Olson said.

“And it turned out really well and I think that inspired me to continue to try and make other recipes with cats.”

The bakery even created an adorable doll called Bree to accompany the cake.

“That was just something I thought, why not do it with a little kitten and a doll?

I’ve made monkey cakes before, but they’ve been stuffed and not stuffed and I’m not sure if that would be fun,” Olson told ABC News.

“But the more I thought about it, the more it just kind of came together.

I just knew that the cat was a good idea.

And the more we tried to figure out how to make it, we came up with a few ideas and then just kind at random, it just sort of happened.”

In the end, the monkey cake came together in the shape of a rabbit and the bunny was the only ingredient.

“When we started thinking about the rabbit, we just started to see it as a symbol for everything we had,” Olson explained.

“If it’s not a rabbit, it’s like a dog.

It’s just something that the world is trying to tell us, so we decided that the rabbit was a symbol of hope and love and kindness.

And then we realized, ‘Okay, now that we have that in our head, we can start making that into a cake.'”