Hi, I’m Jackie.

I’m a midwestern native who relocated to Hawaii a few years after graduating college.​ It’s no coincidence that I decided to make the move during the month of February. It was snowing, the outside temperature was hovering 30 degrees Fahrenheit below zero with the windchill, and I was walking to work. Fast forward to 30 days later when I boarded a flight out of O’Hare with a one-way ticket in my hand.

I had no idea the plans God had in store when I took a huge leap of faith and relocated 4,000+ miles away from everything I knew. It was there that I met my now husband, Chris. In April of 2016 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Zachariah, into the world.

Just when I thought we were settled, God opened our hearts to a different set of plans. Early 2018, the Poponi family relocated back to the midwest. That’s right, in the dead of winter. Funny how everything comes full circle. While the winters are still an adjustment, we’ve enjoyed exploring this new chapter of our lives. Just as we got settled in our new home state, we welcomed a baby boy, Caleb, into our family. 

As if adjusting to life in a new area with two kids under the age of three wasn’t exciting enough, Chris & I purchased a fixer upper in March 2019. It was THE home; you know the one talked about late at night when dreaming of the future? It was that one. We knew it was meant for us the first time we stepped on the property, which happened to be the coldest day of the year. God continues to bless us in this crazy adventure of life.

I am a follower of Jesus, wife, momma, home renovator, want-to-be-cookie-baker, craft enthusiast, and small business owner. I rely on coffee not just because it’s full of glorious caffeinated goodness, but also because it’s plain delicious. You’ll often find a book in my hands, or relatively close by. Thanks for stopping by!