How to make homemade bread from scratch: How to use ingredients and make homemade recipes using fresh ingredients

The homemade bread craze is alive and well in Canada.In recent years, homemade bread has been a big trend.But it is a tough one to find fresh ingredients in stores.“I have heard of some brands doing it, and some brands not,” said Joanna Zimdars, a food blogger in Toronto.She says that if you’re going to do it yourself, you’re better […]

Rylen Judith Brees, who is being investigated by the FBI, is not a ‘national security threat’

Rylene Judith Broes, a former Republican congressional candidate in Minnesota, was indicted on Friday on charges that she illegally received millions in campaign contributions and used her federal office to benefit herself and her family through private businesses.She is the second former GOP lawmaker to be indicted on charges related to their work on behalf of foreign entities.The indictment also […]

Takayama’s crazy bread: Japanese kids eat it too

Takayami Shunichi, the Japanese brewer who founded Takayamas Brewery, told Bloomberg TV last year that his brewery in Tokyo, Japan’s third-largest city, was the first in the world to brew the Japanese milk bread that he sells to the public.He said the bread, known in Japan as “tsushikou,” is not the bread of the “modern Japanese” but rather “a milk […]