BREES BREES: Age of Instagram?

BREES BREES: Age of Instagram?

BREES are going viral on the Internet.

The band’s most recent album, “Mama Tried,” was released just this month, and the band is already drawing comparisons to The Beatles.

But the band has no plans to be a pop group or even a pop act.

It just wants to be hip.

The new record, “Birthday,” is a self-produced, noncommercial effort, and its producer is Brees singer-songwriter Aaron Farrow.

It’s the first single from the new album, which was released Tuesday.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Farrow said the record was made as a joke to get a reaction from the fans.

“I did think it would be interesting to see how they reacted to it,” he said.

“So, we recorded this song and we thought we’d see if it was a funny song to listen to.”

Farrow is a talented lyricist who also writes songs for hip-hop artists like Young Thug and Future.

In fact, he recently collaborated with Future to write a song for his new album.

He said the song is about being the best dad in the world.

“I don’t want to go out and get a paycheck for a record company or something, but I just want to be able to do my own thing,” he told Pitchfork.

“To me, I’m the best.

So I was thinking, I could write a record that was about my dad being the greatest dad in history.

So, we just went in and started writing it.

I wrote the whole thing myself.”

Farrow also told Pitchoff that he was inspired by “Mummy Tried” and “Grown Ups,” both of which were written in the early ’90s.

He added that he wanted to write music that was “very much like a Beatles album” to showcase how he was a father to his son, Brees’ Brees.

The album is also set to include the band’s new single, “The Man That Could,” and Farrow explained how he wrote it.

“The song is like an ‘I Can’t Make This Shit Up’ song, with this melody, and this chorus, and a guitar solo,” he explained.

“It’s about this guy who was an alcoholic who just could not take care of his kids, and he was always having these arguments with his wife.

And I thought it would feel like that kind of dad story.

And it did, so we were really happy about that.

I think it was kind of a fun way to do it.”

The song was written by Farrow’s wife, Lauren Farrow, and is also featured on the new record.

The song was also featured in a video for “Birthdays,” which Farrow shot with his longtime girlfriend, Brese Bales.

“Birthdates” was filmed in Farrows hometown of Chicago, which is located in the same area where Brees was raised.

Brees fans have been sharing the video on social media with the hashtag #BirthdaysFacts.

Farrow told Pitchboard that he’s proud of the song.

“That was a really fun thing for me to do, because it felt like I was actually telling my own story,” he recalled.

“And I thought, ‘Well, I think the people are going to be really excited about this.'”