How to make the best brown bread at home

How to make the best brown bread at home

Lorna Breen, a retired business owner from Queensland, has created a new brand called Best Bread Maker that sells a variety of brown breads.

Lornas brand of brown, oat and rye breads are a staple of her family’s baking.

“I love baking and baking with my family,” Ms Breen said.

“It’s something I do every day and we love having this opportunity to be able to share this love of breads with our children.”

Lornah Breen with her husband, Mark Breen.

“My son has had a very hard time with the autism, so it’s great to be a bread maker and share this experience with him,” Ms Lernas said.

Lerna Bredley says the best bread maker is the one you cook with, not the one that makes it.

“Cooked with bread, it’s amazing,” she said.

Mr Bredleys bread maker.

Photo: James Brickwood “It can be done at home and can be cooked in the kitchen, but it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to have this experience and be able share this passion with our kids.”

Ms Bredling said the best way to get her family started with her homemade bread was to start with a recipe.

“We started out with the brown bread and now we have an oat loaf and a rye bread, and a brown loaf is something that my family loves and it’s something we are very proud of,” she explained.

Lornea Broughton with her son, Mark, and daughter, Emma.

Photo : James Brickwater Lornanas breads were made by her husband Mark, a bricklayer, who started his career in the steel industry.

She said he had been baking for almost 30 years and had the “best baking skills”.

“My husband has been in the industry for 30 years, so he knows what he is doing,” MsBreen said of her husband.

“And I just think that it’s really good to have someone who has that experience.”

She said her children loved baking and had enjoyed making her bread.

“They’ve really enjoyed it and they know that they’re baking something special and that they’ve got to keep it,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“For us, it was important that we made it so that they could taste it, and I’m happy to share it with them.”