New York dog food’s popularity in 2018 hits record high

New York dog food’s popularity in 2018 hits record high

NEW YORK (AP) A new New York-based company has found that dog food sales in 2017 hit a record high of nearly $8 billion.

The company, Petco, has raised nearly $1.8 billion in the past five years, which means it has been able to keep up with demand.

Its sales have been outpacing other pet food makers, which typically have a shorter supply of pet food.

The new Petco shares have surged more than 30% in just one week, and the stock closed up more than 1% on Monday.

Its shares closed at $8.65 on Monday, up 2% from the close of $7.45 on Friday.

The Petco stock has jumped more than 70% this year.

The company was trading as high as $9.70 on Monday before the news of its record-breaking 2017 earnings report.

The New York City-based Petco is one of several companies in the United States that are seeing huge growth in popularity of their pet food products.

The companies selling pet food and pet food ingredients are mostly small mom-and-pop stores, but the sales have grown rapidly.

The Petcos are also expanding their product offerings to include dog food and treats.

Some companies sell more than one type of petfood product, such as pet food made for cats or dog food for dogs.

But Petco has a wide variety of pet foods, which include dry pet food, canned, frozen, packaged, and frozen pet food for pets, according to the company.

Petco is also expanding its food-producing process to make dog foods.

Petco also sells dog foods for cats.

The growing popularity of Petco’s products is a testament to its commitment to customer service and quality ingredients, Petcos vice president of business development Chris Ruh said.

Petcos products are also gaining popularity, especially among pet owners.

The popularity of the Petco brand is a reflection of how much the pet food industry has grown, Ruh told The Associated Press.

The brands Petco and Petco Premium are both considered the most popular pet food brands in the U.S., Ruh added.

In 2017, PetCo was the top seller in the pet-food industry, according a recent report from the market research firm Food Marketing Intelligence.

PetCo Premium had the third-highest number of orders in the food-service industry in the first quarter of 2018, Food Marketing Institute found.

PetCo’s sales are also rising fast.

The New York company reported record revenue of $1 billion for the year, up 9% from $1,086 million for the same period in 2017.

In addition, PetCO has become the third most popular company to buy pet food in the country, according the company’s latest annual report.

PetCO’s shares were up nearly 14% Monday, and its market value rose 1.8% over the past week.