When the strawberry bread machine went viral: When I used to buy strawberry bread, I never knew it was a killer

When a strawberry bread maker went viral, a lot of people started questioning the legitimacy of the device.But the reason it got such a strong response is because people actually buy it.The strawberry bread is the bread that’s made in the strawberry farm.The bread machines are made from strawberry hulls, strawberries and other organic produce that are stored in an […]

Keto bread recipe for a healthier lifestyle

The keto diet is the new fad diet, but for some, it’s a new diet altogether.But how can a keto recipe really help you lose weight?It’s easy to get hooked on a ketogenic diet.It’s not an exact science.But there are a few things you can do to lose weight, including losing fat, losing muscle, and getting rid of the bad […]