‘WTF is happening in Washington DC?’: What is the weirdest thing that’s happened since the election?

There is no way to tell how many Americans will take this to heart.It’s too early to know, for sure, but there is a certain amount of frustration that could be expected.In the last week alone, President Trump has used the word “pussy,” the word of the day, and he has accused Democrats of “demagoguing” the election.There’s a general feeling […]

How to Bake Aldi Keto Bread and Basket with Arugula & Carrots

Baking bread is one of the easiest and most rewarding things you can do with your family.Here’s how to make a great loaf of homemade bread, using only a few ingredients.1.1k SHARES Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Pin to Pinterest Share by Email Share on StumbleUponDiningRoomDining with your friends and family is always […]

Why Italian bread is a keeper

Crazy bread is my bread.The bread is not just something you can throw away, it is something you eat every day.In fact, I have baked it so often that I can’t believe it has lasted as long as it has.The best part is that I never have to make a big fuss over the quality of the bread, because it […]