When the strawberry bread machine went viral: When I used to buy strawberry bread, I never knew it was a killer

When a strawberry bread maker went viral, a lot of people started questioning the legitimacy of the device.But the reason it got such a strong response is because people actually buy it.The strawberry bread is the bread that’s made in the strawberry farm.The bread machines are made from strawberry hulls, strawberries and other organic produce that are stored in an […]

Why do you need a bread machine?

What do you do when you want to make your own bread?You bake it.You use the bread machine.You bake bread, and you make it better.There’s nothing quite like it.And, as you may know, there’s no shortage of baked goods on offer in the baking space.A baker can make anything from a chocolate cake to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, […]

Which is best pizza?

The most popular pizza in the United States has more than doubled in value since 2014, as pizza delivery service pizzas have become cheaper and more convenient to buy.The most popular toppings on pizza today, including pepperoni, mozzarella, cheese, and parmesan, were among the top 10 most-valuable toppings in 2015, according to research firm NPD Group.Pizza delivery service Papa John’s […]