Why a grain bread machine mixes bread

A grain bread machines mixes bread of life with whole grains to make the bread it makes in the kitchen.The machines are a part of the growing field of grain breading, where food manufacturers are turning bread into a food processor and other foods into bread.Al Jazeera’s David Haggarty reports from Sydney.

Why you should make bread of life instead of dog food

How to make dog food that tastes better than dog food?Read more You can eat it raw, but the amount of calories in a loaf of bread is less than you’d think.Instead, use a dog food made with a low calorie, high protein recipe to feed your dog.Dog food contains carbohydrates and protein from grass, beans, legumes, and grains, making […]

British dogs with no pedigree in their own right are being bred abroad

London Breeders’ Association chairman John T. Hill said a “worldwide trend” of British dogs being bred overseas is “disgusting.”Hill said he was particularly concerned about the breeds with “no pedigree” who have become “overpopulated” in the U.K. “We have seen many breeds that have been taken off the books due to overbreeding,” he said.“In the last 10 years, we have […]