‘Frozen’ is an emotional film, and I couldn’t help but cry while watching it

Posted December 14, 2018 11:12:00A movie about a frozen friendship that is broken by a family tragedy is emotional, emotional, emotionally moving.But this time around, the tears were not from the characters.They came from the audience.The audience was in tears, too.The entire film was directed by Oscar-winning director Wes Anderson and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Wiig, and Anna Kendrick.This is […]

Wheat for bread? Why it’s good for the planet

Wheat flour is a staple in the Australian diet, but according to new research, it may actually be a health threat to our environment.Researchers at the University of Queensland say their findings suggest that wheat flour could contribute to soil erosion, soil salinity, and even increase the amount of nitrates in the water.In their study, published in Environmental Science and […]