How do I make chocolate banana bread?

Chocolate banana bread is a tasty and satisfying snack for a rainy, snowy, snowy-like day.But if you’re looking for something a little more hearty and comforting, this homemade recipe can easily become a staple for you and your family.A great way to enjoy a bowl of chocolates or a few treats is to enjoy it with a cup of coffee, […]

How to make the best brie cheese at home

I’ve had a blast making these brie-based baked goods, and I’m still making more as I can make them in batches.If you’re like me, you’ll want to make them on the weekend as well, because you’ll need the dough for the loaf and the topping for the cheese.These are delicious and easy, but if you’re looking for a healthier option, […]

The American Right is Back!

Dave and Danny are back in the news, this time with their latest book, The American Left is Back.This book is not an attack on conservatives or libertarians, but a defense of a left that has gone too far.The American left has gone far too far, and it is time for us to rise up and reclaim our freedoms.We have […]

Why is there no bread at all in my supermarket?

A chocolate banana loaf and homemade garlic bread can be found on the shelves at supermarkets, but it is just not in my local supermarket, says Ms Della Poggi.In her native Sicily, she lives in a town where there is a small bakery that sells bread but the shop is closed, so she cannot find anything to eat.I had a […]