Which bread makers in the world are best at making bread?

Baking is an art, a science, a love affair, a passion.The art of baking, however, is not one that we take for granted.And for the most part, the best bread makers don’t just create delicious bread, they bake it well.With their hands and feet, they have to, but their craft is not limited to just baking.Best bread makers can cook, […]


BRITTANY B. COSTELLO, The Associated Press – FRANKLIN, Wis.(AP) The family’s recipe for the best brioche bread in Wisconsin is getting another try.The family of Dan and Bridget Costello has opened a second location in Franklin, Wis., where they’ve been selling the bread since 2011.The two-bedroom home is located at 3333 W. State Street and serves the family’s traditional brioche, […]

“The Dog Breeders Guide to Bread Without Yeast”

There are few things as annoying as a dog that doesn’t want bread.It is a very personal thing for dogs, and it can be especially challenging for older dogs.The problem with bread is that it is a difficult thing to prepare and it takes a long time to prepare properly.The dog will not eat bread unless you make it special […]

‘The world’s first spoon bread’ opens in New York

New York – Panera Bread’s first Spoon Bread is now open in Manhattan.It opened to the public last week.It’s a $30.50 cup of white bread made with a mix of bread crumb, flour and spices, and it is made with just one ingredient: bread.And it’s the world’s only Spoon Bread made from a combination of a recipe and the ingredient […]

Why is the Arctic a mystery?

By DANIELLE BODENSTEIN, Associated Press WriterWith the exception of the Arctic, the world’s northernmost continent, it is not a place you would expect to find the most dramatic geological changes.In fact, it’s not even a place in the southern hemisphere where most of the major ice sheets and glaciers have retreated since the last ice age, a few thousand years […]