Irish mum on ‘unnecessary’ ‘bread crumbles’ –

A mother of two is fighting back after her family’s bread crumbs were blamed for the deaths of their two dogs.The Irish Mirror reports that the family of one dog suffered from diabetes and died of heart failure after a diet containing high-fructose corn syrup was prescribed.The other dog, a black labrador, developed kidney failure.The Irish Mirror adds: “A spokesman […]

How to select a mixed breed dog

As you’re looking for the perfect dog for you, here are some tips for choosing a mixed-breed dog.The mixed breed article Dogs are known for their intelligence, but there are many breeds of dog that you can select from.Here are the best mixed breed dogs for you to choose from.1.The Zebra Canine 1.3m tall with a 5-inch snout and a […]

Dog breed selector for Breo coupon and Breo Coupon Card

The Coupon Book: Breo coupons and Coupon Cards available for purchase on the Breo website, including the coupon codes for the Brey brand dog breeds, from the Brei website.The Coupons are priced at $1.99 each, and they’re available to buy online at, and The Coupons offer a wide variety of dogs, including Doberman pinschers, miniature chowhounds, cross breeds, […]

How to find the best dog breed selector on Google

Google is planning to overhaul its search algorithm by making it easier to find out the best dogs for your house.The new algorithm will be based on “a broad spectrum of factors, including breed, health, temperament, and other traits”, according to Google.It will be able to filter the search results based on a “whole range of factors” from the “health […]

How to spot dog breeders, breeders and puppy mills

By now you’ve probably noticed that the term “puppy mill” has become synonymous with puppy mills.Now that’s an oxymoron.The real definition of a puppy mill is a breeder or breeders who, by nature, don’t take a lot of pride in the products they sell.But if you can identify the breeders that sell them, you can be certain that they’re not […]