4 ways to make a great baked good

4 reasons to make the perfect baked good, said one of my favorite people in the industry, Drew Brees.He’s the founder of Fresh Market Bakery, the home of Baked Goods of the Year, which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.“There are a lot of things that you can do to increase the yield and quality of a baked good,” Brees […]

Takayama’s crazy bread: Japanese kids eat it too

Takayami Shunichi, the Japanese brewer who founded Takayamas Brewery, told Bloomberg TV last year that his brewery in Tokyo, Japan’s third-largest city, was the first in the world to brew the Japanese milk bread that he sells to the public.He said the bread, known in Japan as “tsushikou,” is not the bread of the “modern Japanese” but rather “a milk […]