How to fry a burger with the microwave

The microwave is a good place to fry some burgers, but if you’re like me, you’ll need to get creative.Here are some of the best options for fried foods that you might want to try.1.Fried chicken with mayonnaise.You’ll want to use a low-sodium mayonnaize that’s low in salt, such as Miracle Whip, a popular sauce used to make chicken and […]

Which are the best recipes to make zucchini and white bread?

zucchinis are a common side dish for a quick, tasty breakfast, and they can also be served alongside white bread, making them a versatile side dish, too.They’re often cooked with chicken, and have a creamy texture that lends themselves to dipping.They are also very versatile: you can make a savory or sweet version, a crunchy version, and even a fluffy, […]