When the strawberry bread machine went viral: When I used to buy strawberry bread, I never knew it was a killer

When a strawberry bread maker went viral, a lot of people started questioning the legitimacy of the device.But the reason it got such a strong response is because people actually buy it.The strawberry bread is the bread that’s made in the strawberry farm.The bread machines are made from strawberry hulls, strawberries and other organic produce that are stored in an […]

Why you should stop reading this

article You probably haven’t heard the name Joe DeAngelo.The father of the world’s best-selling bread brand, Joe’s, was born in Australia in 1960.Since then, he’s been responsible for some of the most iconic breads on earth.His creations have become synonymous with Australia’s national bread, while the word “bread” is synonymous with his brand.A true legend Joe is also one of […]

‘Frozen’ is an emotional film, and I couldn’t help but cry while watching it

Posted December 14, 2018 11:12:00A movie about a frozen friendship that is broken by a family tragedy is emotional, emotional, emotionally moving.But this time around, the tears were not from the characters.They came from the audience.The audience was in tears, too.The entire film was directed by Oscar-winning director Wes Anderson and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Wiig, and Anna Kendrick.This is […]

When vegan banana bread won’t kill you, a new strain of banana bread could be just the thing

Vegan banana bread is good.That’s all it needs to be.The new strain is better.It has a much better flavor and nutritional profile.It’s a healthier option.It doesn’t taste like a bad banana, either.It tastes like a vegan banana.That means you can eat vegan banana for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.The taste of vegan banana is more complex, but it’s not a bad […]