Yogurt and the science of nutrition

A few weeks ago, I received an email from the author of a book about yogurt.She was trying to figure out how to make a bread that would taste good and was going to try a whole-grain bread.I was skeptical, but I was also excited.I knew the research on the benefits of whole-wheat breads and the low-carbohydrate diets had shown […]

Wheat for bread? Why it’s good for the planet

Wheat flour is a staple in the Australian diet, but according to new research, it may actually be a health threat to our environment.Researchers at the University of Queensland say their findings suggest that wheat flour could contribute to soil erosion, soil salinity, and even increase the amount of nitrates in the water.In their study, published in Environmental Science and […]

The best bread you can eat without a yeast infection

In the year 2020, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to eat bread again.That’s because yeast infections are vanishingly rare.That means there’s less yeast in the wheat fields that make bread.It also means there are less bacteria in the air.And that means the wheat farmers are making healthier, more nutritious breads, all without using yeast.There’s a growing body of research showing […]