Irish mum on ‘unnecessary’ ‘bread crumbles’ –

A mother of two is fighting back after her family’s bread crumbs were blamed for the deaths of their two dogs.The Irish Mirror reports that the family of one dog suffered from diabetes and died of heart failure after a diet containing high-fructose corn syrup was prescribed.The other dog, a black labrador, developed kidney failure.The Irish Mirror adds: “A spokesman […]

Cinnamon Bread recipe, zero carb bread

Cinnamon bread is the simplest bread recipe and it’s incredibly healthy.Its a staple in many family and community gatherings.In fact, its one of the most popular recipes around the world.The reason is simple: it is low in carbs and fat.Cinnamon bread has no gluten, and is super nutritious.In the beginning of your quest to lose weight, you may want to […]

Zero Carb Bread, Bread Flour, and a Bread Board

In the early days of crypto, the word bread was not a common one.Even so, bread flour was a staple of bread production, and the bread industry was quite active.So it should come as no surprise that bread flour is often seen in crypto as a common ingredient in crypto-currencies.And that is because bread flour has been used to make […]