When I say ‘pointer dog,’ you think I’m talking about a puppy, right?

When I say ‘pointer dog,’ you think I’m talking about a puppy, right?

In early June, a white dog named Booger arrived in Brooklyn from Tennessee.

He is a pointer dog, and is the third of six white pointer dogs from a breeding program in the state.

This breed is unique in that it was created specifically to be used in a breeding environment, and Boogers ability to navigate a city has helped make it an important part of New York City’s public transportation system.

When Boogerman arrived in New York, the first thing he did when he saw a subway was open his mouth and ask for the doors.

“I have the best mouth in the world,” Boogeman told the New York Daily News.

“If I want to use the subway, I can just open my mouth and I’m in,” Boogie told the paper.

Since then, the white pointer dog has become one of the most sought-after pets in New England, and it has gained in popularity.

Booggers ability to be able to communicate with other animals is so great that they are able to pick up on other animals and react in the same way.

This is something that has made it so popular that there are several breeders in the region.

The white pointer is the fastest dog in the breeding program, and the breed is also a very sensitive dog.

It is a good indicator dog.

Boogie has been a good companion for Boogermans mom, Lisa, who also has a white pointer named Tasha.

“She is the best dog in my life, and she’s so smart, so loving and kind,” Lisa said of Tasha in a video she posted on Instagram.

“There are a lot of dogs that I would never have even thought about owning.

I know they can be scary, but I just love her.

And she knows me better than anyone I’ve ever met.

She’s a little more of a show dog than a true poodle.”

Boogman also has an extended family in Brooklyn, which makes him the ideal family companion.

Boogle’s mother, Lisa Boogger, is the CEO of Boogercard Pet Co., which owns and operates Boogerbars, a dog adoption center in Brooklyn.

Lisa is the owner of Boogie’s older brother, Boog, who is also the owner and founder of

Boogs new owner, Lisa also owns a small business called Boogies, which sells dog accessories.

“We love dogs and we love cats and we’re the perfect family,” Lisa Boogle said in an interview with The Daily News when asked about her family.

Boogaer is a perfect example of how dogs can be used to make the city safer.

Booganers ability is a huge help in NYC, but its also one of many breeds that are a positive influence in their communities.

“People in New Hampshire have been very helpful in helping us find dogs to adopt, and we’ve been able to do it at a cheaper price than other breeds,” Lisa told The Daily Post.

“It’s been amazing to see how people are looking out for our dogs, because we have been able take care of them and keep them safe,” Lisa added.

Boogners success in New Jersey, where it was also founded, helped bring about an influx of the breed into the state and made it even more popular.

Booggingers success is also an important indicator of a good dog owner.

Booggers ability can be so strong that the breed can be a warning sign for the city to be cautious about certain dogs.

“Puppies with their eyes open and the nose in a positive way are very dangerous,” Lisa explained.

“That’s a good thing because if you don’t have a good relationship with your dog, you could be in trouble.”