Which British food is best in London?

Which British food is best in London?

The British capital is the epicentre of a booming food and beverage sector, but it’s also one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Here’s what you need to know about the top 10 most expensive British cities for 2017.


LONDON The UK’s second-most expensive city for food and drink is Luton, which cost an average of £1,092 per person per year per resident.

This is compared to £2,919 per person in Edinburgh, £1 in Leeds and £1.26 in Birmingham.

London’s average price per person was £2.78 in 2016.


LISBON The cost of living in Lisseberg, Belgium’s third-most-expensive city, was £1 the year before the Brexit vote.

This was despite Lisse Bergens popularity as a popular spot for locals to get a taste of the capital.

The country’s second most expensive city was Bruges, which was £7,071 per person, according to data compiled by local business daily The Local.


STOCKTON London’s second city, Stockton, has the highest cost per person of any of the UK’s 10 most-expensive cities.

The average cost of a house in Stockton was £3,826 in 2016, according the UK data.


LIVERPOOL The cost per capita of London’s capital is £2 more than that of Edinburgh, Birmingham and Birmingham City.

It was £5,721 in 2016 and £731 in 2017.


BERMUDA The cost to live and work in Burdekan, a seaside town in the central Bosnian province of Sarajevo, was the second-highest of all 10 cities.

Burdes average cost per inhabitant was £4,719 in 2016 but the city was only worth £2 less than the city of Bologna, Italy, which is worth £20,817 per person.


PARIS There are three main ways to live within Paris, the capital of the French region of southern France.

The cheapest way to live there is in the suburbs, with a price tag of £2 per month per resident per year.

The second cheapest is in Paris’s central neighbourhoods, with an average cost £1 per month.


WEST PALM BEACH The average price of a flat in West Palm Beach was £12,898 in 2016 for a family of four.

The most expensive was £37,742 in Palm Beach, Florida, according data compiled from local property website Zillow.


DOWNTOWN Liverpool was the cheapest of the 10 most pricey British cities in 2017, with the average price being £6.35 per month, according Zillower.


LUXEMBOURG The cost for a one-bedroom flat in the city centre of the Belgian capital was £6,091 in 2016 according to Zillowing.


BARCELONA Spain’s fourth-most pricey city is Barcelona, with residents paying an average £1 a month to live, the data compiled on local newspaper El Mundo shows.