Why we should have voted in the last election

“If we had just been able to vote, we’d have won.”

— Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president, said that she’s “very confident” that “we could have won” the last presidential election.

But she also told the New York Times in an interview on Wednesday that she “can’t be certain that we wouldn’t have been able” to win it if it were just the right way to vote.

“I can’t be sure that we would have been successful in this campaign if we hadn’t been able,” she said.

She also said that it’s important to remember that she was not a Democratic presidential candidate when she was secretary of state and was not running for president when the election was held.

“It was a very different time,” she told the Times.

“And I can’t tell you how hard it was to be the first woman in the United States to serve as secretary of State.”

Clinton said that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has been “one of my greatest champions” and said that “he’s made me feel very proud of my record as secretary.”

“So I would say to anyone who thinks that it doesn’t matter that he’s been my husband, and that I’m not a Democrat anymore, that I really believe that,” she added.

And I would have had to choose Hillary over Bill to have been president.” “

So it’s very important to keep that in mind, because it really was a choice between Hillary and me.

And I would have had to choose Hillary over Bill to have been president.”

She also defended the way she ran the Democratic National Committee during the election, saying that “I was very focused on the primary,” which is “the only time we actually won the primary, in 2008.”

Clinton also discussed her thoughts on the Trump administration, saying, “We’re not a dictatorship.

We’re not like Russia.

We are a democracy.”

The former first lady, senator and secretary of the United State also told reporters that “there are no more bad people than Donald Trump.”

“He’s an angry, divisive, spiteful, vindictive person,” she continued.

“But he is a good man.”

Trump, who won the election in a surprise victory on November 6, said in a statement after the election that he will “serve the American people as long as they elect me to lead the free world, and as long I’m president.”

“It is time for our country to unite around one goal, which is defeating ISIS and defeating ISIL, and I’m confident that my hard work and tireless commitment to this goal will pay off in the end,” he added.

Clinton has not yet responded to Trump’s statement, but has tweeted that she hopes he “keeps his word.”

The Democratic presidential nominee told The Atlantic that she wants to “work with our Republican friends to get some of the things that he wants to do.”

She added that she thinks Trump “needs to stay in office for the right reasons,” but that she is “very much behind” her opponent.

“We will be the party of hope and change and a president who can help lift up the next generation,” she tweeted.

“Donald Trump needs to stay on the job for the very, very right reasons.”

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